The Snorkel Trip adventure is an aquatic experience where you can enjoy the great marine biodiversity found in our coast, which is one of the most varied in the world. From schools of fish such as dentex, saupes and damselfish to more solitary ones such as painted comber or cardinal fishes. In addition, the fascinating walls full of coral and corallige, as well as benthic sea beds of posidonia, starfish, peacock warms, and all kinds of mollusks that will leave us fascinated.

And this is not all, we will also enjoy the impressive cliffs that characterize the coast of Montgrí, and will be accompanied by an explanation of the geological formations of these, as well as the history and curiosities of l’Escala.

An experience suitable for families, friends and celebrations that has a tour of 3 hours where water and fruit is included around the world, for a price of 25 € per person which also includes a photographic report.