The main goal is to give you the knowledge you need to be a freelance diver and once certified as an SSI Open Water Diver you can dive anywhere in the world, after 2 pools and 4 dives in the sea, along with the topics in theory you will get your level 1 card.

For all those people who want to know a new world and live a completely unforgettable experience, no prior knowledge is needed, we just need the desire to have a good time.

The minimum age according to Catalan legislation is 10 years.

All equipment is included in the activity, all you need is a swimsuit and a towel to take a hot shower after returning from the sea.

In total we will be 3 or 4 days, we do not have an exact schedule because our intention is to adapt to your vacation, we have to do 6 theory topics that can be online, 2 dives in the pool to get started and 4 outings with boat at sea to put the knowledge into practice. The course can be combined on weekends or skipped days.

To be able to dive, accident insurance is mandatory, it is automatically included in the price of the activity.

At the end of the course we will certify you as a freelancer Open Water Diver, this certification will not have an expiration date and you can find it in the SSI application in the COURSE section and you can show it wherever you want to dive. 

The price of the activity is 410€ per person, in the months of April, May and until June 15 is 385€.

You can register for free with the SSI organization, once done you will get a user code and password that will allow you to enter the website or install the APP and access with your credentials in your profile. With the registration you will get the first three chapters of the Open Water course for free, in order to continue with the theory it will be necessary to contact Mateua Dive.

Please click here to get all the information about your Open Water course in Mateua in PDF

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