Accompanied by an instructor you will make a first dive in the pool where you will practice the basic exercises of the first level of diving, just after you will make a dive in the sea accompanied by an instructor to a maximum depth of 12 meters.

For all those people who want to know a new world and live a totally unforgettable experience, no prior knowledge is needed, we just need the desire to want to have fun.

The minimum age according to Catalan legislation is 10 years.

All the equipment is included in the activity, all you need is a bathing suit and a towel to take a hot shower after returning from the sea.

In total we will be a whole day, as it includes a theory class, a dive in the pool, and a dive in the sea always accompanied by an instructor.

In order to be able to dive, an accident insurance is mandatory, it is automatically included in the price of the activity.

We will deliver a BASIC DIVER certificate at the same time that you will be activated as a diver in SSI, you will have a mobile application where you can enjoy a free part of the theory of the Open Water Diver

The price of the activity is € 110 per person.

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