At Mateua Dive we adapt to your needs, with us you can do any of the recreational and professional level courses, from beginners with a Try Dive to instructor.

SSI specialties are independent courses that allow you to improve every day in your diving knowledge, once you have two specialties you are ESPECIALTY DIVER, if you get four you will be ADVANCED OPEN WATER, after that, if you achieve the specialty of STRESS & RESCUE you will become a MASTER DIVER

especialitats SSI

Do you find yourself sitting at your office desk, daydreaming of crystal-clear blue waters? Are you thinking of turning your hobby into your career? Do you want to share your passion for diving with the rest of the world? These are only a few of the reasons you should become an SSI Professional.

SSI is the world’s fastest growing training agency, and we are constantly adding new training centers and professionals. As an internationally recognized training agency, SSI has thousands of job opportunities waiting for you in hundreds of exciting and exotic locales.

Are you are ready to join the next generation of highly qualified SSI Professionals? Or you are already a dive professional with another training agency who wants to add SSI to your resume?

Start freediving and experience the ocean in a new and exciting way while exploring pristine dive sites with a single breath of air. By diving without heavy equipment, you will move underwater with ease and discover what it feels like to be a whole with the sea. Learning to dive into apnea is much easier than you think thanks to our various recreational freediving programs for all ages.


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